It’s counter intuitive I guess - to head out on the shortest day of the year, when the south west wind is ripping the last dry leaves off the motorway birches and rain runs black with grime down the shop fronts. The wild weather and sodium lit sidewalk is exactly what I wanted. It was a chance to get that secret population of diners distracted by steaming bowls of broth and the savoury sweet smell of bamboo steamers - bent and intent on dinner. My job was to cut through the european backdrop and show readers what the insides of those sanctuaries of authentic - if ever so slightly adjusted eating experiences looks like. Give me Hong Kong Auckland my editor said. So to focus the attention away from suburban Auckland I stripped away the daylight and steamed up the windows, walked into kitchens and hung around cash registers. Focused my camera on faces, bowls and table tops - neon and noodles.
Most Aucklanders know about the great food on this little strip of Dominion Rd, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll get a real surprise. It’s all there, all authentic and all totally delicious.