Less Large Men.


It’s taken 200 interviews and now I’m convinced, Government doesn’t strive to create the best possible solution for the people, individual people do that, and in most cases it takes a lifetime.

I photographed Angela Davis in a hotel room in Oakland.

The sun smudged carpet and bug stained screen doors were at odds with the flat screen TV and Wifi refit.

Four large men played poker and drank beer at a picnic table on the terrace below, sending shards of laughter into the negative space of our conversation.

Their world turned as it always has, in their direction and according to their rules.

Inequality, injustice, poverty and violence exist when the population lack the strength to repel it. Give people access to education, healthcare and the means to live with dignity and well-being and those evils will lack the oxygen to survive.

Everything Angela said was delivered without hesitation, as graceful and lethal as a Samurai. She pulled back the dusty screen door and let the clear light of logical thought fill the room. People change governments – governments don’t change people.

kieran Scott